Trials and Tribulations of a Redundant photojournalist turned artist May edition 2021

In this edition I shall be talking about the tribulations of dealing with web pages. Bearing in mind where computer things are concerned I am an absolute dinosaur. So much so the web designer Katherine of Hartley Digital must have heaved a sigh of relief when she signed over to me the completed Page. Front ends and back ends, dashboards and coming soon. Just too much for my tiny brain. Now we have watermarked pictures, size reductions, automatic digital downloads and download options. Definitely born in the wrong era. It was me, born in 1939, my father maintaining that it was my fault that world War two broke out. if that gives any idea of my grasp of things computer. That said it was with much relief when the Web page/s were handed over to me. I don’t know how many times I sat and listened to the “how to ” video which Katherine had given me to try and make sense of this mysterious thing called a web page. It is so much simpler to do a fairly detailed drawing than all this gobbelegdy gook.  To my horror it doesn’t stop there. now it is linking to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Getting your poor old pals to give thumbs up of these various posts. No wonder the bear in Whinny the Poo was confused as I was. My web page is

I did say in my last post that i would try to impart pearls of wisdom regarding things relating to art. I could never figure out how they got the fine hair details such as in Moustache’s or fine detail hair strands. Easy, it is called the impression method where you indent the paper with a sharp scriber and then lightly pencil over the indents and there you go, fine white lines in a dark background.

That is how it is done. Beware it does take some time to check if you have indented enough and sometimes you have to use your finger to go over the work lightly.